10-day Courses

It is an introductory course to Vipassana Meditation where the technique is taught step-by-step each day. The courses begin after a 2 - 4 pm registration period and orientation, followed by 10 full days of meditation, and end the morning of the 11th day by 7:30 am. To apply for a course please read the Code of Discipline, then find a convenient date in the Calendar, and submit an online application form.

Anapana courses for Children and Teenagers

These courses are open for all children aged 8-12 years old who wish to learn to meditate and for Teenagers (13-18 years old).  In these courses they learn Anapana meditation (Awareness of respiration) in short session of 30 minutes alternated with rest periods with playful activities. At the beginning of the course the children are asked to take the five precepts, as a base for moral conduct.

Their parents/guardians do not have to be meditators. See International Web page

Courses in Europe and around the World

Vipassana courses as thaught by S.N. Goenka are held all around the world. Please see the courses schedule in Europe and around the world.

Course Finances

All courses are run solely on a donation basis. All expenses are met by donations from those who, having completed a course and experienced the benefits of Vipassana, wish to give others the same opportunity. Neither the Teacher nor the assistant teachers receive remuneration; they and those who serve the courses volunteer their time. Thus Vipassana is offered free from commercialisation. Old student may give their DONATION in the Old Student pages.